Shepherds and Butchers

Written & Directed by: Oliver Schmitz

Writers: Chris Marnewick (novel), Brian Cox (adaptation)

Produced by: Anant Singh and Brian Cox

Production Company: Distant Horizon, Videovision Entertainment

On – Set Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeremy Hattingh

Release Date: 13 February 2016

Shepherds and Butchers is the true account of the legal process of capital punishment, and the inhumane treatment of prisoners on death row, which took place during the apartheid era in South Africa.

“It’s a film about young people taken by a society, taught how to kill and then left to their own devices,” says director Oliver Schmitz, “it’s very much about apartheid but equally it could be anywhere in the world, where a kid in a situation of war who is given a gun, is told to shoot someone, and must then go home and be normal. It doesn’t work.”

Theatrical Trailer for Shepherds and Butchers. The film was shot in South Africa and Written and Directed by Oliver Schmitz.

Jeremy Hattingh, working for VFX Files was On – Set Visual Effects Supervisor for Shepherds and Butchers.