Jeremy Hattingh at VFXFiles wins Emmy Award for Visual Effects On – Set Lead on STARZ American historical adventure television series Black Sails.

“It is fantastic for the productions, that is the main thing right now,” Hattingh said of the Emmy win. “Our industry has been going for a while now and it is employing a lot of people, and this can just contribute more.” Hattingh said the win would be great “public relations to help grow the industry here in Cape Town”. “Over the past five to seven years we have had a lot more movies being done here. Before that it was mainly commercials but this bodes well for the next five years. “The business here is getting more professional and the behind-the-computer stuff is growing quickly. There was a time when things were tricky for us here but we have always had the ability available.”

Hattingh said Black Sails, which would soon enter its third season overseas, required construction work which employed many skilled artisans and workers. But because the producers chose to film at a static location with static props, Hattingh’s work was also in greater demand. “I do a lot of ‘green screen’ work where we have to replace areas outside the boats or other scenes off the boats. We also augment the physical special effects done by people like Doug Hardy, and create synthetic images. “The digital technology of today has helped us and even brought us more work, because there is no longer film that needs to be scanned at a high cost. Even a guy on a tight budget can do good stuff these days.”

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